Bus Yarnstorming

Today is Culture Night in Reykjavík. The whole city is full of music and arts and fun. About 6 weeks ago, we in Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers were asked to take part by yarnstorming a bus for this night. All bus rides today are free and many people choose to leave the family car at home and use public transport instead since parking in the city center can be hard on days like this. The schedule for the night ends at 23.00 with a huge firework show by the harbor. It is a great day, so off course we wanted to help out by making one of the buses pretty and full of yarn and colors.

About 30 of us knitted and did a whole lot of crochet for this project, and about 20 of us came yesterday to put it all up in the bus. The bus has 44 normal seats so it was a lot of work.

Off course we took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures! I only have my own for now, but there will be more added over the next few days. So keep checking the photo link at the bottom, and this blog, and our Facebook page.

Now, on to the pictures!

292418_10151103840353426_613097609_nThe assembly line – photo by Lena

IMG_2337Working hard




Reykjavík city logo – how awesome?IMG_2369

The guys helped also!


Things got a bit silly after 7+ hours of work.


So cozy and colorful and beautiful!IMG_2380











This is bus #196. If you are in Iceland and want to take this bus, you can call the number for the bus service department: 5402700 and ask where it is located. The yarnstorm will stay on the bus for some time, it is not just for today. It basically gets to stay up as long as it is not ruined or getting very dirty and messy. So please, take good care of it and respect all the work that went into doing this. We all enjoyed it so much, and we want you to enjoy it also, for as long as possible!

More photos, and even more will be added later here, and on our Facebook page.

@svelgur driving the yarn bus


17 thoughts on “Bus Yarnstorming

  1. You guys are awesome! It makes me treasure the sweaters I ordered for my daughters several years ago even more precious!

  2. I miss Iceland so much!!! had the best time ever with you guys in your beautiful country… love, Brian, from Montreal, Canada.

  3. A culture night, yarnbombing and a marathon all on the same weekend! Heaven! I, too, love Iceland and would sooo love to go back and visit.

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