Breast Cancer Awareness – part 1

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Buildings in the city are bathed with pink light, the pink bow is sold as a fundraiser for research on breast cancer, the taxis have pink taxi signs on top of them, and there are many happenings going on around the country to show support and add awareness. We off course want to take part and make people think and be aware of the dangers that come with breast cancer and remind women to go and get checked on a regular basis.

So we make breasts of all shapes and sizes. And they are going up here and there. Here is what happened this first week in October. There is more coming.



Móðurást, A Mothers Love. Located in Mæðragarðurinn (Mothers Garden) in Reykjavík, close to Kvennaskóli Reykjavíkur. The text on the piece is info about breast cancer, where to go to get your check up, a note about the statue and more. It is beautifully stitched and knitted and we are very proud of it.
Graffed by Sin Título

Boob for awareness

Boob for awareness
Boob for awareness.
This is located in Ólafsfjörður, Iceland. Graffer will be anonymous.

And then we have the Boob on the go. It goes places, a new one each day, making people think and be aware. This is a project by Knitty Attitude. You can also check it out on her blog here.

Boob on the go
October 1st: Tindastóll mountain, Drangey island, Boob, Þórðarhöfði cape.

Boob on the go
October 2nd: Boob on a swing.

Boob on the go
October 3rd: Boob in the library.

Boob on the go
October 4th: Boob on a piano.

Boob on the go
October 5th: Boob in a supermarket.

Boob on the go
October 6th: Boob and a n00b.

We will update here every weekend with more from the Boob on the go, and even more projects that are being put up throughout October.

Have you booked your check up? If you are in Iceland you can do so here. If you are elsewhere, contact your doctor. This is important, and we care.


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