It has been quiet around here

We have not stopped. Sometimes life gets busy and even though we try to keep yarnstorming as often as we can, we do not always have the time to sit down and blog about it. If you want immediate updates, we suggest that you like our Facebook page.

Here are some photos of recent yarnstorms we have done.

Happy Womens Rights Day! #málumbæinnbleikan #yarngraffiti #yarnstorming #yarnbombing #crochet #pink #girlpower for all the amazing women I know

#málumbæinnbleikan #yarnbombing #yarngraffiti #yarnstorming #pink #reykjavík #iceland

BarbaKnit made this cute and pink yarngoodness for June 19th, we in Iceland celebrated that 98 years ago, women over the age of 40 got the right to vote. Let’s paint the city pink!

#yarngraffiti #kúkúcampers #reykjavik #iceland

#yarngraffiti #crochet #kúkúcampers #reykjavik #iceland

Photo by deibpia

Photo by deibpia

Photo by deibpia

We also decorated a camper car with a little yarngraffiti. Just to make it a little cozy and nice. You can rent this car from KúKú Campers in Iceland. They have funky and fun camper vans that you can rent and experience Iceland at your own pace.

#yarngraffiti #laugavegur #reykjavik #iceland
We also found this pretty piece of yarnstorming on Laugavegur. We have no idea who did it! If you are out there and reading, do you want to join our group? If so, contact us through Facebook! We like your work!

Also. Last year for Culture Night, we did the Yarn Bus that we are still very proud of. This year, we also have big plans for Culture Night. The date is August 24th. Mark your calendar and keep an eye out! If you want to join our group or help out with the project, contact us through our Facebook page. We can always use more hands.


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